Based on the poem Sinbad el Varado, Bitácora de Febrero, by Gilberto Owen (1904 – 1952), an artist´s book dealing with the subject of Love in all its manifestations, from the emotional, to the carnal, to the mystical. This graphic project consists of 28 serigraphs, one for each day of the month of February. 

SINDBAD EL VARADO (Bitácora de febrero)
Box of 7 silkscreen prints, Edition of 30
Box: 60.2 x 80.5 x 5 cm, each print: 56 x 76.5 cm

Based on the poem by Mexican poet Gilberto Owen (1904-1952), this series of images was created as an accompaniment to the songs of love and loss in the travels of Sindbad the Sailor.

Encontrarás tierra distinta de tu tierra, pero tu alma es una sola y no encontrarás otra.
-Sindbad el Marino